• Talking about Germany and the German nation, people probably would have thought that the shuaigemei woman, blond and on time on time train time of beer foam, outer, delicate sweet tender BBQ pork knuckle in the coke. But apart from these, in the southwest corner of the perseverance strong land, there is a deeper magic forest, quietly watched mysterious romantic legends of this nation. Yes, the Black Forest of Baden-Württemberg, Germany will travel to one of the attractions, Rhine Valley around the fairy tale village. Once set foot among them is like entering a forest Elf but dreams, into which you can walk parade, Oh, that's probably the rare blessing that is life.tods outlet
    No matter where, water forever is the most exciting part of one of the most beautiful scenery, in the Black Forest is no exception. Water boundary in the forest with dense mountain forests against, this picture add to the Black Forest resilience in the temperament of a few minutes of gentle smart audio guide.tods outlet
    Journey start has a group known for the town of Triberg waterfalls, due to its up to 151 meters vertical drop is listed as Germany one of the highest waterfalls in the territory. Before the witness, I actually had in mind imagine many silver Pu fei Liu and magnificent scene in the dark forest, while the real falls, in fact, have a delicate grace. After into the waterfall Park, originated from high Falls Brook had been accompanying us on the upstream, flowing with leisurely winds its way in the Middle Stone, clear as Crystal. And when we finally reached the main waterfall at the foot, how many felt the torrent fanyong of power. Pan-white water waterfall is not very impressive, but it appears a light pretty charm. Standing in the main waterfall at the foot, ear noise underwater, covered with water mist of dusk, looking flow low flow has been on both sides of the color of deep forest and rocks clearly holds holds out, lingering soft just like a Grimm's fairy tales, lettuce in the blond girls pour down from the Tower window. The beautiful waterfall, one of the handsome Prince is at the other end, handle hold the rare conjunctions?tods outlet
    In addition to the waterfall, black forest trip leaves me another vicinity, is a glacier near the city of Freiburg Titisee. This name comes from the Roman Emperor Titus and small lakes in an area of just 1.3 square kilometers, but it is surrounded by the Black Forest mountains on all sides, rendering a unique landscape with a range of other European names the incomparable beauty of the Lake. Nefertiti Lake the best experience than a flat boat, went to Yang stacks of water waves on the Lake line. tods outlet

    Cold bitter Lake is simply smooth silk texture, lingering in the blade ship, and people just want to linger long lingered a long time. Stopped in the middle of the ship, looking around, because that day the sky micro-yin, a thin layer of clouds around and on top of the gentle rolling hills of deep color, along forest reflecting in the clear lake, formed a stagnation of the green hues, where I couldn't help to calm down. Bay Lakes, forests can be even more intelligent; there is a forest, the Lake can be even more profound. Under the right mix with, these trips in the Black Forest, added a lot of it is refreshing for the first time.tods outlet

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